Amalfi Coast, Ravello e Marina di Pisciotta mete salernitane consigliate dal “Telegraph”

Pisciotta-village_3311304a-largeSono 21 i luoghi che secondo il Telegraph, noto giornale inglese, meritano assolutamente di essere visitati in Italia. Nella sua rubrica dedicata ai viaggi, il famoso quotidiano ha stilato la lista dei tesori del Bel Paese ancora poco conosciuti, ma da non perdere. In Campania, sono stati indicate Marina di Pisciotta e Ravello, in provincia di Salerno, e le aree archeologiche di Ercolano e Oplonti (Torre Annunziata), nel napoletano.


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Marina de Pisciotta

Lee Marshall, author of Telegraph Travel’s guides to Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Sicily, recommends this unheralded spot in the Province of Salerno. “Twenty years ago, I promised the friend who told me about Pisciotta and its Marina that I would avoid writing about it,” he says. “But surely there must be a statute of limitations on such vows? And in any case, the Pisciottani are so simpatici, and business is still so slow outside of the canonic Italian beach months of July and August, that I can live with the small betrayal.

Ravello, Amalfi Coast

Most visitors to the Amalfi Coast head to the towns of Amalfi and Positano, missing hilltop Ravello, which has the best of the area’s views, hotels and gardens.

“Set like an eagle’s nest above the dizzying landscape of the coast, Ravello is the most peaceful and charming resort on the Neapolitan Riviera,” says Telegraph Travel’s Joanna Symons. “Early summer is the best time to explore its largely traffic-free lanes or to wander among the terraces and pergolas of its elegant gardens, from where there are vertigo-inducing glimpses of the Mediterranean miles below. Greta Garbo, Jacqueline Kennedy and Tennessee Williams all holidayed here, and the place still has an air of restrained glamour.”

Herculaneum and Oplontis, Campania

“The buried city of Pompeii always grabs the headlines — and the tourist hordes,” says Mary Beard, the classicist and television presenter. “Those who long to enjoy a glimpse of Ancient Roman life in relative peace and quiet, and without the jostling of fellow visitors, should plan a visit to one of the less well-known Vesuvian sites. Pompeii’s ‘little sister’, the town of Herculaneum (just 10 miles to the north, nearer Naples), almost beats Pompeii for the completeness of its preservation, though it attracts fewer tourists.”

The villa of Oplontis, just outside Pompeii, is another lesser-known gem: “It’s the size of a palace and about as grand a residence as Roman money could buy. To cap it all, in the back garden there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool.”

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